In ancient times, more than 4700 years ago, people were already enjoying the delightful goodness of popcorn. Today at Emilio’s we work hard to advance that ancient tradition by creating exquisite new flavours that will astound your taste buds. As certified Popcornologists and gourmet Popcornoisseurs we ensure that each batch of our delicious popcorn is artisanally handcrafted in small batches with the finest quality ingredients. Our popcorn is masterfully handmade with passion and love, so that you can create wonderful memories with all you know, while enjoying all the delicious flavours of Emilio’s Gourmet Popcorn.


What makes us special?

  • We make truly Handcrafted Premium Gourmet Popcorn – Gourmet means to create culinary wonders by hand in small batches using real, high-quality ingredients….. That is what we do.

  • Massive variety of Flavours – We have a large variety of over 30 flavours from sweet to savoury and we are constantly creating new or seasonal flavours to delight and inspire you.

  • Our real magic lies in what we call “Flavour layering”…….by using secret methods when cooking up our “Handmade Happiness” it allows the flavours to be released in stages…giving you an awesome taste experience.

  • We are certified “Popcornologists” who introduced the first, truly handmade premium gourmet popcorn with real high-quality ingredients, to South Africa in June 2015. We are the pioneers who do it the best.

  • Mouth- watering popcorn inspired delights – We create amazing popcorn inspired confectionery and snacks that taste out of this world….. So we can cater for your party or event or you can buy it at one of our delightful stores.


Our Promise:

We promise to give you the highest quality products with an exceptional customer experience and if we slip, as happens in life sometimes, let us know, so we can make it right.